Blocksy and GoDaddy’s Go – Two Innovative WordPress Themes With All The Great Features

Blocksy and GoDaddy's Go, two free but truly feature-rich brand new WordPress themes that will gain enough reputation in the near future... the second one is Blocksy which we are using on this site right now.


There are thousands of free and paid themes in the WordPress bucket. At the very first look, they all seem to be good and feature-rich. But when you try them on your site, you find most of them to be out of your taste with so many frustrating features. So, find out the best WordPress theme could be a daunting task.

Here in this post, we will talk about two free but truly feature-rich brand new WordPress themes that will gain enough reputation in the near future. The first one is Go Theme by GoDaddy and the second one is Blocksy which we are using on this site right now.

1| Go Theme by GoDaddy:

Go is a brand-new theme for WordPress websites, created to go hand-in-hand with popular block editing plugin CoBlocks.

A couple of months ago, Go Daddy acquired ThemeBeans, the high-quality WordPress plugin store behind CoBlocks, and with this partnership, the magical theme was born.

With over 7,000 active installs in just one week, the Go theme is already proving to be making waves in the world of WordPress. The theme is innovative, Gutenberg-first WordPress theme, hyper-focused on empowering users to build beautifully rich websites with WordPress.

If you love to make every page of your site in the block editor with modern designs and so many cool animation features, then this is the theme made for you. There are a few feature-rich custom options in this cutting edge WordPress theme, from where you can easily build your rich business site or personal online portfolio.

Therefore, this theme is best suited for all types of business owners. It could work well for artists and others with portfolios as well.

The theme adds five sections to the customizer:
  • Site Design
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Social
  • Site Settings
Code Architecture Quality Of The Go Theme:

In terms of quality, each theme has two main parts, quality of visual design and quality of the theme’s code architecture.

To get the best performance of your site, you should always use the theme that boasts a high-quality code structure in it. Make sure your site’s source code is minimal and valid with a lower number of PHP files and HTTP requests that meet with the WordPress coding standards.

We did a much better comprehensive analysis of code quality with Yellowlab, and there Go theme delivers quite impressive results in terms of clean and performant coding.

GoDaddy has provided a bunch of super responsive demos using the Go theme so that users can follow these to easily customize their web appearance and add their own tastes to it.

Demos with the CoBlocks plugin:

Demos with the CoBlocks and WooCommerce plugins:

However, the Go theme does not claim to be well-suited to blogging. None of the demos for the theme show off a blog. If you’re looking for a theme to handle blogging with media mixed in the content, you will find a better alternative such as Blocksy mentioned in the next discussion.

2| Blocksy Theme:

Blocksy is another feature-rich and brand new WordPress theme. It’s a fast and lightweight multipurpose theme. In terms of browsers and devices, it’s a super responsive theme, providing a flawless experience to your visitors.

You can use the Blocksy theme for any type of websites such as business agency, corporate, news blog, lifestyle, education, landing page and more. We will highly recommend especially the bloggers to use this theme once. You will just fall in love with it.

Blocksy is built with the Gutenberg in mind, so creating creative pages and posts will be very easy with this theme. If you are new to Gutenberg or such any other block editors, you can start with this theme. We assure, you will enjoy the job within days. It also supports Elementor, which is one of the best free WordPress Page Builders to create beautiful websites using a simple drag and drop interface.

Besides these, you can also install and use the ready-made demo version of Blocksy on your site by just installing the Blocksy Companion plugin.

To say, the Blocksy theme is crafted with all the traditional blogging qualities, as well as a few cutting edge cool features. That’s why this theme is recommended for all.

Blocksy Features:
  • Compatible with all popular Page Builders
  • WooCommerce and Gutenberg Ready
  • Fully Functional Color and Layout Options
  • Fast Loading Speed
  • Fully Responsive

While the Customizer may look like it has too many options at first, in reality, everything’s really thought out very slowly and carefully. Every option is located exactly where it needs to be, with respect to the site elements hierarchy. And the drag and drop system makes it more customizable from any side.

Code Architecture Quality Of The Blocksy Theme:

We did a comprehensive analysis of code quality with Yellowlab, and there Blocksy theme delivers quite impressive results in terms of clean and performant coding.

At the moment there is only the free version but the theme author is planning to release a premium one later.

To give you an idea, here are only a few of the premium features Blocksy will have:
  • Conditional headers
  • Conditional footers
  • Conditional & custom sidebars
  • Sticky header
  • More header & footer elements
  • Content blocks & hooks
  • Portfolio extension
  • Responsive/adaptive images
  • Custom header & footer scripts
  • AMP full support
  • Megamenu extension
  • Advanced blogging extension
  • Advanced Gutenberg blocks extension


When the discussion comes up about what the best free WordPress theme available right now is, Astra is usually the first one mentioned. Then there is also Generate Press, Ocean WP, Airi, Shuttle and Neve among them.

It seems a lot of people don’t yet know about Go and Blocksy but in our opinion, these two themes will earn enough reputation within next few years. Based on our true experience, we are so much impressed with these two themes that we believe these are probably the best free WordPress themes available right now.

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