Here’s Why Blogger (BlogSpot) Is Far Better Than A Limited WordPress Plan

Yes, there are a number of popular websites that have really the premium looks and that run on free Blogger platform as well.


It was 2016 when I first started my blogging passion. I like to know about everything that is interesting and unknown, and love to write about them. It’s my hobby or passion whatever you can say. nd that time I just wanted to get my passion online where I could share all my knowledge and thoughts with people.

I searched everywhere for a reliable, handy and affordable web platform to run my first blogging site. Then, I found WordPress and felt that I found the thing that I really needed.

At first, I worked with their free version of I was blogging from their mobile app and learning the basic features of its system. It was so simple, handy and interesting that, day by day, I fall in love with it.

However, later I realized that with this free version of WordPress, I was unable to run my website with a custom domain, and was getting boundations everywhere. So I planned to buy its premium version from its official site, But I found their prices to be really high for a beginner like me. So buying one of these expensive plans was not a worthy way for me at all at that time.

I also found many other popular and trusted WordPress hosting providers like Hostinger within a reasonable price range. But there were so many limitations such as limited bandwidth means limited traffic, low storage and limited CPU usage, and all that cheap plans were available only if I would buy them for a long period like 3 years or 4 years. I was new in this track and I got totally confused with these hosting plans, features, CMS, cPanel and all that web-developing things. I was unable to take a perfect decision.

In this frustrating situation, I came across with Blogger. I just signed up on and got my website ready within few minutes. At first, my website was running on a free domain. Then, I added my own custom domain to it. It was so easy.

What is Blogger (BlogSpot)? And how it helped me to make my first website?

Blogger is an absolutely free platform (CMS & Hosting) created by the tech giant Google and it also runs with custom domains without any charges.

To add a custom domain, you have to put your domain name (that you have already bought from a domain registrar like Godaddy or Namecheap) in the Blogger’s custom domain setting section and you will get a few lines with instructions. Follow the instructions, just copy those lines and update your nameservers in the DNS settings on your domain registrar site properly. You could read here how to add a cumstom domain to your Blogger site.

It might take a few minutes to a few hours for updating your DNS information. So be patient, once it will be updated then your Blogger site will run on your custom domain without any problems.

Blogger gave me a faster 15GB SSD storage, which was enough for my general purpose blogging site. However, you could extend the storage limit from Google at an affordable price. It’s a Google Product so there is no question about its security, because if Google is safe then Blogger has also to be safe. But we all know that WordPress is not so safe web solution, it can be easily hacked.

Though you can install various security plugins in WordPress, in reality, many of these plugins are the reason behind making a WordPress site vulnerable. You could find a number of articles and forums about this topic on the internet. So I will suggest you check very well before you install any plugins on WordPress. Whereas in the Blogger platform, just never disclose your Google account password and your hard-working website will be totally safe in Google’s hand, that’s it. For stronger security, I will suggest you activate Two-Step Verification for your Google account.

In addition, Blogger sites run on the Google servers that are one of the fastest and trusted servers in the world. So, your website’s uptime and other performance will be excellent forever. But hosting a website on the WordPress  CMS with a limited hosting plan could be a painful option for a website owner.

Another benefit of Blogger is that it gives you SSL certificates (HTTPS) totally free of cost. It’s a must-have feature to enhance your website performance and user experience. And the best thing is that you can run up to 100 websites from your one blogger account.

Blogger is as simple as Facebook and it could be as complex as a big web-developing project. If you don’t want a premium look to your website, you have to do nothing, just choose one of the Blogger’s official themes from its dashboard, apply it and run your site without any questions. But if you need more cool features in it, then jump into its source code. There are lots of things to do and to learn about. There are thousands of ways and possibilities to get the premium looks, and you could find a lot of websites such as ThemeXpose, SoraTemplates, Templateism, Templateify, BlossomTheme and etc. that provide engrossing, high quality, free and paid Blogger templates.

Are there any SEO tricks for the Blogger Site?

Many think Blogger is not an SEO friendly web solution and website running on this platform never occupies the top slot in the search engine. How funny is it!! Google has made their product that doesn’t come in their search results. Blogger has also some Golden Rules for SEO.

Here I have compiled the 12 most important Golden Rules of SEO that every BlogSpot site owner should know:

Rule No 1| Make your post headline with the long-tail keywords. The headline should be within 70 letters and search-friendly.

Rule No 2| Give the fascinating search description (post-SERP) that tend to be very interesting so that people will click the title to read more.

Rule No 3| Use your brain and heart altogether to write a perfect post and spend some more time to research on your topic. In this way, you can serve a quality post for your readers.

Rule No 4| It will be great if you make your post neat, clean and more informative within 500 to 700 words. To make your website and post more informative, try to provide some worthy internal links that direct the readers to your other important posts. And also give some external links that direct the readers to the different reputed websites.

Rule No 5| Try to make your post without any grammatical errors, you can use the free or paid version of Grammarly for this purpose. It helps a lot.

Rule No 6| Choose the perfect tags/labels for your posts and use some meaningful search-friendly keywords especially the longtail keywords in your post. The first keywords should be search friendly and with an interesting term/phrase.

Rule No 7| The longtail keywords should be in the initial and the ending paragraphs of your post content.

Rule No 8| Decorate your post content with a few subheadlines, lists, informative images and a post content summary box as the News websites do.

Rule No 9| Try to make your posts with active voice rather than the passive voice. It will enhance your post readability.

Rule No 10| Don’t make any paragraph too long in your post. Try to keep them within 4 to 10 sentences. And don’t use too long sentences in a paragraph. Try to keep them within 20 words.

Rule No 11| Use high-quality images in your posts, giving the proper SEO friendly captions and Alt descriptions.

Rule No 12| Before you publish your post, replace your post permalink with suitable SEO friendly keywords in your post settings. Then publish it.

Bear in mind that, you can optimize and update your post for search engine results anytime. It’s never too late to do that. Therefore, try to make evergreen posts for your website so that you can get some time to compete with this world.

Are there any websites that have really the premium looks and that run on free Blogger platform as well?

Yes, there are a number of popular websites with premium looks, running on the free Blogger platform. MyBloggerTricks runs on the free Blogger platform and now it is one of the very popular websites about web-solutions. In fact, all the Google Product Blogs run on the Blogger CMS, and most of the popular blogs like ShoutMeLoud etc. started their initial journey with the free Blogger platform. In the end, you can take a look at our parent website, Mysteriesrunsolved. It also runs on the free Blogger CMS.

You can earn a lot of money from your Blogger site with some SEO efforts and a premium quality theme. To get a premium-looking Blogger theme, you could read this post about premium Looking Free Blogger Templates.


I think Blogger is really a great web hosting solution for beginners as well as for the true hobbyists. From useful features to performance and reliability, it’s comparatively better than any other basic WordPress hosting plan. That’s why I said that Blogger is far better than a limited WordPress plan. Additionally, it’s a great platform to learn about the web world developing for a beginner.

I am not convincing you to use the Blogger platform to host your website. I have just explained what Blogger actually is. Blogger can do everything that you need, for that, you need to find the right way.

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