The Ultimate Guide On How To Create Free Custom Emails On Zoho Mail

These 5 easy steps will guide you to open your free custom email on Zoho Mail. It's an amazing email platform that offers a mixture of ad-free, clean, minimalist interface and powerful features that are geared for business and professional use.

We know, running a website is not so easy and affordable job, especially for the beginners. There are a lot of things such as domain registration, hosting plan, premium themes, fonts, email services and so many other things that we need to make a perfect website. In the last, we end up spending a huge amount of money.

However, if you explore the web world developing from its core, you will find that this world could be as expensive as a diamond and as cheap as salt. For that, you just need to find out the right thing in the right way.

Here we will tell about the Zoho Mail Service and guide you on how to create your free custom emails on Zoho Mail step by step. It will help you to get a premium quality email service for your website without paying a penny. If you run your website on Blogger, then Zoho Mail is definitely one of the best choices for you to host your free custom email service.

You just need to have a custom domain and that’s it. You will get your custom email like within few minutes.

What is Zoho Mail?

Zoho Mail is an amazing email platform that offers a mixture of ad-free, clean, minimalist interface and powerful features that are geared for business and professional use. It comes up with free and paid both plans. You could compare the plans from here. In its Forever Free Plan, you can get up to 5 users (5GB/User) with a 25 MB attachment limit.

There are mainly 5 crucial steps to open and run your free custom email service on Zoho Mail:

  1. Give your domain name
  2. Provide your personal information
  3. Verify your domain ownership
  4. Configure Email delivery
  5. Configure SPF and DKIM TXT Records

You will find some other minor steps such as Add Users, Create Groups, Email Migration, Mobile Access, that you can set or skip as your need.

Bear in mind that, Step 1 to Step 3 are the main steps to open and run your new custom email. Whereas, the Step 4 to Step 5 is needed to enhance your email delivery system and authenticate your mails so that you keep receiving mails from any address and mails sent from you don’t be marked as spam in other’s mailbox.

The 5 easy steps to open your free custom email on Zoho Mail:

Step 1| Give your domain name:

Go to the signup page through the signup button given below and put your domain name i.e.


Step 2| Provide your personal information:

Now, provide your personal information such as a name that you want to show to your clients, your mobile number, your desired mail address and etc. Note, that your custom mail address will be like

Step 3| Verify your domain ownership:

Verify your domain ownership by updating the given TXT or CNAME details in your DNS records from your Domain registrar site.

If you host your website on cPanel, then you can also update your DNS records from there. It can be done in the DNS Zone Editor located in the Domains section on your cPanel.

Another method to verify your domain ownership is by uploading an HTML file. To do that, you have to download the given HTML file then create a folder with the name “zohoverify” in your website’s root directory through Online File Manager from your web hosting cPanel.

To know more about how to verify your domain ownership on Zoho Mail, read here.

Step 4| Configure Email delivery – Update MX records:

Now, you have to configure your email delivery so that you can send as well as receive mails without any inconvenience. To do that, you need to update your MX records in your domain’s DNS records through your domain registrar site or through your web hosting cPanel.

The MX records that are returned for your domain should only be:

MX Records – Priority – 10 – 20 – 30

If you have your existing providers MX entry, remove that to start receiving emails. In case there are any other records other than the above entries, they may conflict with the email delivery. Hence remove/delete any such entry and save them.

For more details, read here.

Step 5| Configure SPF and DKIM TXT Records – Authenticate your mails:

This is the final step where you have to verify the SPF TXT records and DKIM TXT records by updating TXT records in your domain’s DNS settings from your domain registrar site or cPanel.

This step is crucial to authenticate your custom emails on Zoho Mail. It’s needed so that emails sent from you don’t be marked as spam in your receiver’s mailbox.

You could read here to know more about how to setup SPF and DKIM Text records for your domain.


If you complete all these steps correctly, which we believe you will, you will get your active free custom email within minutes. However, sometimes it can take a long time (up to 48Hrs) for updating the DNS records. In such cases, we will advise you to have patience and to check if you have updated all the DNS records of your domain correctly or not. You can test the DNS records from this third party tool, DNSchecker by providing your domain name.

Hope you liked this post. If you face any problems to complete these steps, let us know in the comment section. We will be happy to help you.

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