How To Get A Free Custom Domain (Save Money When You Buy Or Renew Your Domain Names)


Are you thinking about opening a new website for your business or personal uses? Are you planning for renewing your domain name? Then read this post carefully. It will definitely help you to save your hard earned money or even to get a free domain.

Save Money When You Buy A New Webhosting Plan Along With A New Domain Registration:

If you are planning for opening a new full packed website along with a custom domain and a hosting plan, and you want to save your money, you should choose a hosting company that offers a free domain that is included with your hosting package. For example, when you buy a hosting package from Bluehost or Siteground, they let you register one domain name for free, along with complimentary WhoisGuard privacy protection. WhoisGuard protect to detect a domain owners personal information like name and address by any third parties.

In Hostinger, you can get .com, .net or other premium TLD for free if you order premium or business hosting package for 12 months or longer period.

Below, this is the chart of Hostinger’s Shared Hosting Plans on offers. These offers are available only when you buy one of these plans for 48 months.

So, if you buy a plan only for 12 months in a regular price (without offer) then you have to pay atleast $100 for a year to get this offer in Hostinger. Whereas, in Bluehost, you have to pay only $72 for a year or 120$ for two years to get this same offer. However, if you are planning to host only one site then we recommend you to buy Hostinger’s Single Shared Hosting Plan with $39 for 4 years and buy the domain name from them with a very low price compared to others registrar.

Even you can buy .space, .site, .online or .tech like premium TLD for only $0.99 of cost for the first year in Hostinger. Note that you don’t have to buy these domains for 2 consecutive years to avail this offer like it happens in GoDaddy. In addition, Hostinger provides their domain renewal charges within a very reasonable price, which is comparatively going to give you some relief from the next year. We love Hostinger, because of its cheap price rate, smooth interface, enough specifications and reliability.

For saving your money, you have to control your emotion. At first you should buy a money saving hosting plan then go for buying your domain name. Please! don’t be panicked if you found a suitable domain name for your website before buying a hosting plan. Because the probability of that exact domain being sold witinn a week is not more than 0.000001 percent. But a suitable money saving hosting plan is going to help you a lot in the near future. So be wise, take decision steadily. You can read this post about “How Should You Choose A Suitable Domain Name For Your Next Website?”

Save Money When You Renew Your Domain Register And Hosting Plan:

If you already have an existing domain and you are looking for hosting, choose Bluehost as your hosting service. Bluehost offers a free one-year domain renewal of the primary domain on your hosting account. All you need to do is move your domain to Bluehost, and they will give you a one-year renewal for free.

You can also google for this same types of offers, as well as coupon codes before you buy or renew your hosting plans.

Another Worthy Way Of Saving Your Money Is Cloudflare:

Cloudflare is a reliable CDN based company, running since decade, providing optimizing and SSL services with a free basic plan. If you are love to host your website within limited hosting plans or free hosting plans then this post about “Free Worpress Hosting With Unlimited Bandwidth And Space” and this post about “Cloudflare ― The Great CDN Sevice” will definitely help you a lot.

Now let’s come to the point. Cloudflare are now doing with the domain industry. They offers domain transfer service and the best part is they don’t charge any markup. See the pricing below to undestand how much you would be paying for domain name on Cloudflare.

Cloudflare also offers free WhoisGuard which is something you would usually pay for at different registrar. More over, Cloudflare service is pretty awesome to manage your DNS and also many others.

Transferring Your Domain From One Registrar To Another:

Transferring your domain from one registrar to another is more easy than your mobile sim network switching.

These are the quick steps for transferring your domain from one registrar to another:

  • Unlock your domain at your current registrar.
  • Get the EPP code (domain authorization code).
  • On the new registrar, look for the domain transfer option, add domain and EPP code, and initiate the domain transfer.
Transferring A Domain Registry To Cloudflare Or Another Registrar – What If Registry Is Already Paid Until Some Date In The Future?

Don’t worry, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) requires that any transfer also extend the expiration date of your domain by at least one year. That’s one year from your current expiration date, not one year from the date of transfer. For example, if you transfer a domain on October 17, 2020, but it expires on March 10, 2021, your new expiration date will be March 10, 2022.

Bear in mind that Cloudflare offers only the free domain transfer service, and for that one year extension, they will charge the origin price without any markup as we mentioned before. Some registrar will even give you this one year extension of domain expiry date totally free of costs as a welcome offer. Just you have to compare and find these offers online.

How To Get A Free Domain Name Without Buying Any Hosting Plan:

There’s another way to register your desired domain name absolutely free. On, you can get your free domain name with TLD like .TK .ML .GA .CF .GQ. Additionally, they also provide some useful features like URL Forwarding, Email Forwarding, DNS Setup with your domain name totally free of cost. There’s no expiration date of these domains so you can use these domains as long as you could. There are few others free domain registration sites who offer domains with a variety of features. You can find them here.

However, we will not recommend you to run your long-term blogs or websites on these free domains. Because many web service providers don’t accept the websites running on these free domains. And being marked as a potential spam website, it’s hard to rank your site on the search engines with these free TLD extensions. In fact, these free domains are best suited for temporary web projects and for any web developing experiments.

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